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* About Orion Client Главная/Информация по Orion
* Download/Install instructions Скачать/Инструкции по установке
* Configuration editor Конфигуратор клиента
* Orion Launcher Гайд по Orion Launcher
* Orion Client Options Функционал Orion клиента
* OrionUO Assistant Guide Гайд по OrionUO Assistant
* OrionUO configuration on the official shard Конфигурация OrionUO на официальный шард

If you want to support this project, you can donate to:

WebMoney R644829964694

  • Build it (preferably) in MVS 2013, platform toolset MUST be Windows XP (v120_xp).
  • Use ConfigurationEditor.exe to create right config for your client files
  • Don't forget other dll's and .pdb file from bin folder
  • (If you want to use Orion Assistant, visit our forum)
    If you want to build Orion Client with MVS 2015, you need Orion.dll built with v140 toolset.
    You can find them here(both for release and debug):