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Changelog (w22-25) 29 May - 25 June, 2017

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Aimed, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Aimed

    Aimed Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2016
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    Orion Assistant patch release, version
    -Fixed replacing of 0 argument bug for TargetTile functions
    -Fixed crashing on context menus
    -Added return types for Select functions in gumps and menus
    -Added cliloc parsing
    -Added mega cliloc properties
    -Added dpi awareness argument for win build
    -Added 'cancel' keyword for menu choices
    -Added bool return type for UseType/UseFromGround functions
    -Added functions CreateGumpHook, WaitGump and CancelWaitGump for interactions and processing of gumps
    -Fixed No death screen option. It wasn't working
    -Fixed recursive searching for scroll types. It won't find scrolls inside of a spellbook anymore
    -Added functionality to replace a piece of string
    -Added processing of walk ack packet


    Orion Client minor release, version
    -Added parsing and rendering of custom houses data sent by server ( not customization itself yet)
    -Fixed issues with text entries in generic gumps
    -Fixed issue with tooltip attributes not being capitalized
    -Fixed issue with some reagents requirements within spellbooks for some spells
    -Fixed line ending issue with books
    -Fixed crashing on map gump opening
    -Fixed rendering for alpha-blended objects
    -Added functionality for virtues gump
    -Fixed issues with garbage collection of animation textures, especially when player is moving
    -Fixed issues with updating of party members status bars
    -Added Impassable flag check in client files for "Hide vegeation" and "Trees to stumps" enchanced options
    -Added single click equipment info display
    -Fixed issues with ping packet causing disconnects on custom emulators
    -Fixed all known problems with mega cliloc requests. Object handles will be displayed with server names instead of cliloc ones if server sends mega cliloc data.
    -Fixed issue with displaying tooltips of items which are inside of containers
    -Fixed ping value display going down to 0 when player isn't moving. Also ping packet will be sent every 20 seconds to display more recent ping data.

    Use Orion Launcher to update your binaries for Orion Client and Orion Assistant.
Thread Status:
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