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Changelog (w20), 15-22 May, 2017

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Aimed, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Aimed

    Aimed Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2016
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    New Orion Assistant release, version
    -Fixed mechanics of 'injured' flag. It will ignore dead characters and characters without status.
    -Fixed issue with configs getting erased after crashes.
    -Fixed issues with synchronisation of scripts deletion and launching from hotkeys. This should result in less crashes.
    -Some fixes with menu processing.
    -Searching for text in journal will work for Russian too.
    -Added InfoGump command.
    -Added functionality for auto targeting of tiles( ValidateTargetTile() and ValidateTargetTileRelative() ).
    -Fixes in function for tiles auto searching.
    -Fixed refreshing of path to autoload script on OA launch.
    -Added path saving for each loaded script file ( apart for each character too )
    -Added Launch() for launching of external programs.
    -Added Contains() and Split() for string operations.

    -Added UseAbility() for AoS abilties and UseWrestlingDisarm() and UseWrestlingStun() ( pre AoS ).
    -Added saving/loading of tiles into a file for automatic tiles searching.
    -Added logging of incomming sounds into system journal of OA.
    -Added LastJournalMessage().
    -Added GetLastTargetPosition() and GetLastAttackPosition() to retrieve last known coordinates (PositionObject data type) of lasttarget/lastattack ( makes possible to throw aoe spell/explo pot on the ground where target went invisible ? )
    -OA EN Wiki is fully up-to-date now.


    Orion Client updates:
    -Fixed moving of gumps outside game screen.
    -Fixed gumps moving function to work with minimized gumps as well.
    -Fixed playing of wrong intro music file for older clients.
    -Fixed use of AoS abilities.
    -Fixed right clicking on object handle. It will close them.
    -Fixed updating of object handle texture.
    -Fix original macros file (from new clients) convertion.
    -Fixed 'say' macro.
    -Fixed item names in object handles.
    -Fixed Buy/Sell gumps item container size.
    -Added camel case output for cliloc strings.
    -Added packets for old Wrestling Stun and Disarm requests.
    -Added functionality to get data from .uop map files for OA.
    -Fixed issues with window resizing at character selection screen.

    Use Orion Launcher to update your binaries for Orion Client and Orion Assistant.
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