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Changelog, 22-28 May, 2017

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Hotride, May 29, 2017.

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    New Orion Assistant release, version

    Fixed crash when saving an object that does not exist in the GUI lists.
    Fixed casting spells.
    Fixed special abilities.
    Fixed an issue with journal messages, now cleaning mechanism does not clear the journal entirely when removing a specific message.
    Fixed a bug with *.UOP map files.
    Fixed the cancellation of client's target when using assistant functions related to existing in-game targets.
    Fixed the return value when retrieving the name of the object, now returns an empty string.
    Fixed crash with Dress Agent.
    Typos and inaccuracies in the GitHub's Wiki have been corrected.
    Added backlight to the assistant buttons (pictures). Thus, button can be visible when it is highlighted and pressed.
    Added global variables laststatus, lastobject.
    Added the OpenContainer function for opening containers.
    Added flags "ignorefriends" and "ignoreenemies" for search functions.
    Added checkboxes for assistant's log in order to record effects, sounds and animation packets.
    Added data output of coordinates of the maps when they are opened.
    Function ObjectExists is added to check the existance of the object in the assistant's memory.
    Added text output when using InfoGump function.
    InfoMenu function is update and can be added with additional parameter.
    Added "Reload" script button in the Scripts tab.
    New Filters tab is added: Speech filter, Text replaces, Sound filter.
    RequestName function is added to get/request the name of the object.
    Added functions: OAVersion, Connected, Time, Date, Random.
    InvokeVirture function is added.
    Added functions "JournalCount" and "JournalLine".
    SetText function for the JournalMessage object has been added.
    Added the ability to select menu elements by index or to make random choices in WaitMenu.


    Orion Client updates:
    -Fixed characters selection in the World.
    -Fixed target handling on statusbar gump.
    -Fixed calculation for abilities and ability reset.
    -Fixed some vulnerabilities of the client..
    -Fixed application of patches of animations.
    -Fixed updation last target after ClientLastTarget function (from OA).
    -Fixed cast spells (from books and macros).
    -Fixed HTML data parsing.
    -Fixed save/load info for default open container/paperdoll gumps coordinates.
    -Added Orion version in to crashlog.
    -Changed some default configuration values.

    Use Orion Launcher to update your binaries for Orion Client and Orion Assistant.
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