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About Orion project

Orion project includes Orion Client, Orion Assistant and Orion Launcher programs.
-Orion Client is an alternative, open-source client for Ultima Online. It is written in C++ and OpenGL for GPU based graphics rendering.
Take a look at our wiki for more information about enchanced options of the client and how it should be configured.

-Orion Assistant is an assistant program like Razor or UOSteam but only for Orion Client.
Razor, UOSteam, EasyUO etc. won't work with Orion Client, that's why we had to create our own assistant program.
Its source code is closed. This way shard owners can contol functionality of OA, which can vary between simple hotkey binds, just like in client, and highly advanced scripts for automation of game process.
OA scripting language is based on JavaScript.

-Orion Launcher is a simple program which can be used to download Orion Client binaries, as well as OA binaries and also easily update them just by clicking a button.
It can also be used by shard owners to generate packets for OA feature control.

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