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  1. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Jun 26, 2017
    Orion Assistant patch release, version
    -Fixed replacing of 0 argument bug for TargetTile functions
    -Fixed crashing on context menus
    -Added return types for Select functions in gumps and menus
    -Added cliloc parsing
    -Added mega cliloc properties
    -Added dpi awareness argument for win build
    -Added 'cancel' keyword for menu choices
    -Added bool return type for UseType/UseFromGround functions
    -Added functions CreateGumpHook, WaitGump and CancelWaitGump for interactions and processing of...
  2. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    May 29, 2017
    New Orion Assistant release, version

    Fixed crash when saving an object that does not exist in the GUI lists.
    Fixed casting spells.
    Fixed special abilities.
    Fixed an issue with journal messages, now cleaning mechanism does not clear the journal entirely when removing a specific message.
    Fixed a bug with *.UOP map files.
    Fixed the cancellation of client's target when using assistant functions related to existing in-game targets.
    Fixed the return value when retrieving the name of the...
  3. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    May 22, 2017
    New Orion Assistant release, version
    -Fixed mechanics of 'injured' flag. It will ignore dead characters and characters without status.
    -Fixed issue with configs getting erased after crashes.
    -Fixed issues with synchronisation of scripts deletion and launching from hotkeys. This should result in less crashes.
    -Some fixes with menu processing.
    -Searching for text in journal will work for Russian too....