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  1. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 16, 2017
    OrionUO update to version

    Fixed some critical errors.
    Drawing process of the interface menu (gump) is now implemented using FrameBuffers instead of GL Lists (if the video card supports it), which significantly increases the performance, especially when interface is very saturated.
    Mini-map gump has been rectified.
    Gumps positioning on the screen have been fixed. From now on they might go beyond the screen to an acceptable distance (which would be at least 40 pixels on the screen)....
  2. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 14, 2017
    Orion Assistant update to version

    Fixed items update in the corpses.
    Targetting system, which caused some crashes, has been rewritten.
    The "Sort scripts in lists" checkbox has been added to the Scripts / Hotkeys / Global config tab to sort the scripts in the drop-down lists.
    Fixed the config loading issues and while changing characters ID.
    An issue with non-standard screen scales has been fixed.


    OrionUO update to...
  3. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 7, 2017
    Orion Assistant update to version

    Mechanism for processing information about objects has been completely rewritten and now it corresponds to the original UO client.
    GUI mechanism (OA) has been modified, mainly on the Filters tab.
    Assistant interface and it's interaction with the client has been refactored. The communication load between OA and the client is decreased therefore the probability of crashes is much lower.
    Added the "Close" function for the gumps.
    Added "Object...
  4. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 1, 2017
    Orion Assistant update to version

    Fixed a crash with Multi (Houses, ships) objects.
    Fixed several issues with sending empty packets of 'speech' request to the server.
    Fixed an issue with clamped hotkeys that caused some crashes.
    Fixed several issues with gump reading functions. Work with the gumps have not been finished yet.
    Added PlayWav function to play .WAV type files.
    Fixed wrong display of counters on the title.
    Some changes have been added in the object search system....
  5. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Jun 26, 2017
    Orion Assistant patch release, version
    -Fixed replacing of 0 argument bug for TargetTile functions
    -Fixed crashing on context menus
    -Added return types for Select functions in gumps and menus
    -Added cliloc parsing
    -Added mega cliloc properties
    -Added dpi awareness argument for win build
    -Added 'cancel' keyword for menu choices
    -Added bool return type for UseType/UseFromGround functions
    -Added functions CreateGumpHook, WaitGump and CancelWaitGump for interactions and processing of...