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  1. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Apr 3, 2018
    OrionUO Client v0.1.9.5 release:
    Resolved all text books bugs and missing features.
    Added a few more container gumps data.
    If you still won't be able to open certain containers after update, try deleting /OrionData/containers.txt

    Orion Assistant v2.0.16.4 release:
    Improved performance on scripts threading.
    Added parsing of packet 0xBF->0x10, this packet sets names after a single click on old era shards.
    Fixed issues with updating of laststatus.
    Slightly changed layout of hotkeys form....
  2. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Mar 29, 2018
    Orion client patch releases v0.1.9.1 - v0.1.9.4

    Found and fixed a tiny memory leak. + tiny bit to stability :)
    Fixed shop list displaying no names or attributes instead of names.
    Fixed emotes text and a bug in color management.
    Added screen coordinates caching based on gump id.
    Fixed issue with gift boxes not opening on double click.
    Fixed crashes caused by animations patched with Body/Bodyconv.def files.
    Fixed remaining problems with journal prefixes.
    Fixed problems with reading of...
  3. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Mar 26, 2018
    Orion client release v0.1.9.0

    Mul animation files will be read with file streams instead of being memory mapped. This fixes a couple of issues caused by virtual memory address space shortage for a lot of users.
    Uop animations loading speed increased on client launch.
    AnimationSequence.uop file parsing is in progress ( ~70% done ).
    Fixed some cosmetic issues with fonts, text boxes and item names parsing.
    Fixed dead bonded pets not being rendered as ghosts.
    Orion client now asks for admin...
  4. Aimed
    Created by Aimed
    Feb 15, 2018
    Patch release for Orion Client v0.1.8.2

    Fixed cache updating issues with party and parsing of /accept command
    Added OrionCrashReporter.exe support and the binary itself


    Патч релиз клиента v0.1.8.2

    Исправлены проблемы с кешем пати, а так же исправлена работа /accept команды
    Добавлена поддержка OrionCrashReporter.exe клиентом, а так-же и сама апликация
  5. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Jan 8, 2018

    Обновление программы Orion Assistant до версии

    Исправлен критический баг с отображением картинок в заголовке клиента.
    Удалена галочка Smooth Walk из-за ошибок, которые всплывают в процессе работы клиента.
    Исправления опечаток в редакторе.
    Добавлена вкладка Macros для записи игровых действий.
    Редактирование имени макроса - даблклик на имя в списке. Редактирование действий - выбрать действие в списке и нажать правой...