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  1. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Nov 6, 2017
    Обновление программы Orion Assistant до версии

    Исправлен критический баг, приводивший к нестабильной работе и крашам после обработки пакета пати.
    Исправлен критический баг в обработке пакета обновления персонажа.
    Исправлена работа поисковых функций.
    Рефакторинг системы учета и хранения свойств объектов.
    Исправлен расчет веса для клиентов версии выше 5.
    Исправлено действие галочки Stay on top.
    Добавлена класс для получения данных о...
  2. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 29, 2017
    Orion Assistant update to version

    Added additional checks before applying some elements of the lists that increases the stability.
    Refactoring work with a party/group has been implemented.
    Fixed "Save aero" reading process.
    Fixed InvokeVirture function issue.
    Fixed several issues with the targeting system.
    Added additional mouse buttons support.
    Added some changes in the hotkey system.
    Fixed "External Code" option when running one instance of the script.
    Named "External Code"...
  3. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 20, 2017
    OrionUO update to version

    Rollback of packets has been implemented and extensions, which depend on the era, now operating in the correct way.
    Fixed an issue with the request for tooltips in bulk containers.
    Fixed repeated request of tooltips.
    Added events for additional mouse buttons (for the next version of the OA).
    Fixed targetting issues in the container gumps.
    Fixed "You lost connection" gump.
    Fixed saving / loading of some options (typos).
    Duplicates of sent messages (if they...
  4. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 16, 2017
    OrionUO update to version

    Fixed some critical errors.
    Drawing process of the interface menu (gump) is now implemented using FrameBuffers instead of GL Lists (if the video card supports it), which significantly increases the performance, especially when interface is very saturated.
    Mini-map gump has been rectified.
    Gumps positioning on the screen have been fixed. From now on they might go beyond the screen to an acceptable distance (which would be at least 40 pixels on the screen)....
  5. Hotride
    Created by Hotride
    Oct 14, 2017
    Orion Assistant update to version

    Fixed items update in the corpses.
    Targetting system, which caused some crashes, has been rewritten.
    The "Sort scripts in lists" checkbox has been added to the Scripts / Hotkeys / Global config tab to sort the scripts in the drop-down lists.
    Fixed the config loading issues and while changing characters ID.
    An issue with non-standard screen scales has been fixed.


    OrionUO update to...